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Cross Cultural Collaborative is dedicated to bringing people from different cultures to Ghana. We believe that by interacting with others you open yourself to new ideas and ways of finding universal connections. -- IF IT'S IN GHANA - WE DO IT !

: stay at our cultural center in a fishing village and share your skills with neighborhood children

INDEPENDENT STUDY: you can rent a room and work space - work on your own project - meet local artisans - write that book that you're thinking about

AFRICAN TEXTILE WORKSHOP: organized every August - live and work with indigenous textile artisans - visit galleries and museums - meet dealers in antique cloth » view our workshops

INDIGENOUS AFRICAN INSPIRATION: offered every July - inspired by the women in northern Ghana who paint decorative designs on their houses - come paint a wall with them - visit traditional crafts villages - visit traditional and contemporary African potters » view our workshops

TEACHERS WORKSHOPS: visit schools - meet with people from the Ministry of Education - write curriculum » view our workshops

SENIOR HOLIDAY: combine a cultural tour with relaxed days on the beach and throw in a little volunteering. A great way to experience Ghana at your own pace.

TOURS: we offer tours of cultural and historical interest in Ghana, Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso. Our tours introduce you to Africans on a personal level - our tours are not for people who want to see Africa from the window of a bus

SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS: we have worked with professional photographers, writers, musicians and researchers


Aba House is our cultural center/guest house located in a Ghanaian fishing village across the street from the ocean. It is based on indigenous African architecture and welcomes visitors with vegetarian African food, good company and creative vibes. It is a safe, nurturing place where you can interact with Africans on a personal level and meet interesting people from all over the world.


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