March 8 - April 17, 2002

Bethia Brehmer, a Wellfleet, MA printmaker, conducted adult, children and teacher workshops in a media new to most of the participants.

photo slideshow of etchings
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Beth introduced a new printing process to the workshop participants. Because etching requires supplies like copper plates that aren't readily available in Ghana, most people in the workshops had not experienced this technique before.

The results were impressive. We felt that the technique might be too difficult for the children, but even they produced some nice results. The adults were able to master the more intricate steps and a jeweler who attended was able to use the etching technique to create some silver earrings.

My only regret from the workshop is that the attendees will probably not be able to continue using their etching skills least not until CCC, Inc. or perhaps one of the Universities sets up an etching studio.

Beth would like to return to Ghana and we are trying to figure out what technique she will teach next.

We had originally intended to teach etching, bookbinding and short story writing, but it soon became apparent that time would not allow for all three, so I let Beth use most of the time to teach etching and I did a short workshop with the children on bookbinding and a one day workshop with teachers on handbinding techniques.

The teachers were disappointed that we only had one day to work, so when my schedule allows, I will go back and continue.

And the story writing will happen in August 2003. James Culver, Jr., a published author who concentrates on cultural diversity, will work with me at CCC, Inc. for a month to teach and record memory stories which will then be published in book form.

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